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Luup is a payment service provider specialising in e-commerce payment solutions

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Trusted by hundreds of merchants

A few reasons why Luup is favoured by our customers

Service & Support

World class service team ready to support you 24/7

Easy API integration

Developer friendly API allowing quick integration

Latest Technology

Neural routing engine delivers highest payment throughput

Data Analytics

We mine the data so you don’t have to

Top class service and support

Service is a core pillar of Luup’s offering. From the moment you sign up, through to compliance, onboarding, implementation, go-live, regular account reviews and optimisations, our team is constantly here to make sure you’re getting the most out of our payment services 24/7.

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Easy API Integration

Luup’s API gateway was created with developers in mind. Integration via our single API is rapid and simple.

Each customer’s unique endpoint connects to multiple payment methods from multiple financial institutions, so you don’t have to.

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Pioneers in technology

At Luup we have invested heavily in technology. Our tech first approach keeps us at the bleeding edge of innovation resulting in constant improvements to payment throughput.

Using machine learning, our neural routing engine provides unrivalled payment acceptance rates, whilst our infrastructure is designed to be infinitely scalable and always redundant.


Know your customers

Data analytics is another core pillar of our offering. Utilising a combination of in-house data scientists, and technology based machine learning, we are constantly one step ahead allowing our system to self optimise to provide the best possible performace.

Online based reports in our merchant dashboard put the data constantly at your fingertips.

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