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August 22, 2017

UnionPay Launches SecurePlus for CUP Cards Online

ACI Worldwide, a real-time electronic payment provider, and Planet Payment, who process multi-currency & international payments have come together to launch UnionPay International’s SecurePlus.

This new set of solutions to allow UnionPay cards to be accepted online without being directed to a UnionPay hosted payment page, unlike their previous solution SecurePay. UnionPay has more than 6.5 billion cards issued worldwide, making it one of the largest bankcard associations globally. SecurePlus will allow each and every of these cards to be accepted online.

What Was Wrong with SecurePay?

SecurePay had many issues due to the Chinese firewall, browser timeouts and internet issues, so this new solution is a significant improvement. Merchants tend to prefer payment methods that do not diverge customers away from their checkout process. To combat this, UnionPay had already implemented Expresspay. However, that solution only worked with credit cards, but not debit cards.

What Are The New Benefits of SecurePlus?

SecurePlus works with both credit and debit cards whilst removing friction for customers and merchants. It is possible to make recurring payments with Secureplus, perfect for merchants with a subscription billing model. In addition, Secureplus supports transaction tokenisation and protects 100% from chargebacks, which is a key pin point for merchants selling cross border.

Who Offers SecurePlus?

The solution is now being offered by ACI Worldwide and Payment Planet. This will allow merchants to sell and price their goods in various currencies when selling cross border, including CNY, USD, HKD and SGD. 

Paul Levine, Senior Vice President of Payment Planet said that it will “will help merchants more effectively target the APAC market with its friendly consumer experience” 

Wolfgang Berner, VP Product Line Manager at ACI Worldwide said that SecurePlus is “a great benefit to our merchants—generating considerable interest in the travel and airline space—by helping them to more effectively access billions of UnionPay credit and debit cardholders with a seamless checkout process.” Need to process payments for your business in the travel industry? Find out how LUUP can help here.

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