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October 10, 2017

Mobile Data Usage in China

As of June 2017, China has 1.36bn mobile phone users. This number has grown by 42.74 million since January, according to official data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. 

There are 1.17bn mobile internet users in China, which is 79.38 million more than at the start of the year. 1.04 billion mobile internet users use 3G and 4G, a rise of 96.05 million this year. 4G network penetration has risen to 65.1%, and so there are now 118 million 4G users in China, taking the total up to 888 million. 

Per capita mobile data usage has peaked at 1.591 GB per month in June, which is a 125% increase on the previous year, when mobile data usage only reached 707MB per month. Other than a small dip in february, mobile data usage has grown rapidly since it first shot past 1GB per month in December 2016.   



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