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October 13, 2017

KLM - The Airline Servicing Customers Through WeChat

KLM is officially the first airline outside of China to allow customers to buy tickets via it’s website through WeChat pay, or directly through the WeChat app.

KLM first opened a WeChat account in 2014. Since then, it has used the platform to attract Chinese passengers with content and commercial offers. In May this year, passengers also got access to features including booking confirmations, check in notifications, flight status updates and boarding passes all within the WeChat app. 

Since opening their account, KLM now takes over 8000 customer service questions and queries each week, most of them in Chinese. In addition, almost a quarter of KLM customers in China who book online recieve their flight information via the app.  

WeChat is accepted as form of payment in most places in China.

The social networking app has over 963 million active users, 600 million of which have activated WeChat Pay. It’s a very convenient payment method, as users only need to enter their bank/card details once during setup in order to pay using the platform at any time. As such, 40% of all mobile transactions are made using WeChat To buy from KLM using WeChat, users have 2 options:

Customers select their tickets and choose WeChat as their payment method. Next, they scan the QR code which appears on screen with their smartphone in order to make the payment.

When booking through the app, the customer is automatically redirected to WeChat Pay in order to pay for their tickets.

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