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November 17, 2017

How Are People Using the Internet in China?

Getting Around Town

Online Education

Online education saw it’s user base grow to 144 million. It has developed particularly rapidly, driven by A.I. research. 120 million users accessed online education via mobile education platforms. A total of 16.6% of all internet users accessed some form of mobile or online education.  

News & Search

81.1% of internet users logged on to a search engine at some point in the first half of 2017, a total of 609 users. 81.9% of mobile internet users logged on to a search engine, totalling 593 million users. 83.1% of users accessed online news within the first half of 2017, totalling 625 million unique users. Of there, 596 million viewed news from a mobile device, which accounts for 82.4% of all internet users.  

Social Networking

65.8% of internet users socialised using QQ Space, whilst 84.3% used WeChat Friends’ Circle. Vertical social networks like Douban, which offers chat based around a hobby or interest, were used by 8.6% of users. Weibo also increased it’s market penetration by 1.6%, as 38.7% of internet users accessed it.


The number of users in this industry rose by 34.4million (11.5%) from 2016. The number of people booking:


Around 126  million users bought investment products online in the first half of 2017, which is up from 98.9 million in the previous year. Financial management apps and software have continued to grow. Offline service providers are beginning to partner and cooperate with online providers whilst savings applications have declined, as have interest rates on online loans. Payment platforms have continues to develop rapidly as they move into the online-to-offline space.


514 million people in China had participated in online shopping by June 17, up 10.2% on the previous year. Out of these, 480 million had used mobile shopping platforms, up 9% on the previous year and totalling  66.4% of all users.

Food Delivery

295 million users had ordered a takeaway online by June 2017, increasing by 86 million users from the previous year. 274 million of those used an app to order their food, an increase of 41.4% on the previous year.

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