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Payment Platform Architecture

Luup’s platform technology drives business success

Architecture Overview

We aim to provide the very best crossborder payment solution possible for our merchants with world class service and analysis built in. With LUUP, our merchants can give their customers a seamless shopping experience wherever they are in the world, paying by whatever means they so desire.

Merchant Portal

Our merchant portal logs all transactions and outstanding balances, and details expected settlement times, allowing customers to see what’s going on in real time.

Our portal integrates with various 3rd party tools in order to enhance usability and your experience as a customer. These integrations with other programs and services makes it easy for you to incorporate Luup in to your business.

Power BI

Data from payment transactions, processors, service providers & settlement banks are processed in our data warehousing system and metadata are exposed via the merchant portal to enable our customers to customise reports to suit their requirement.

We provide our customers with access to real-time, customisable reports and analytics on their transactions, settlements, fees and performance.

FX & Treasury

Our sophisticated FX and Treasury Management platform facilitates cross-border funds transfer from multiple countries and currencies.

Our unique banking partners allow faster movement of your funds, reducing management overhead.

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